Best Glöggs!

Glogg bottle

Actually, this is the best Glögg, but my guest blogs are a close second.

As you may have noticed, in my blog I try to bring many different facets of my life together.  Whether it’s practicing tuba as it relates to classical philosophy, Minecraft as a metaphor for building a new life, or improvising a solo versus improvising a recipe, I take great joy in exploring my many areas of interest.

I’m incredibly fortunate to have friends in my life who also have plenty of pots on the stove, dishes spinning overhead, and flaming chainsaws to juggle.  Quite naturally, their lives are filled with their own interests separate from mine.  Sometimes though, I’ll find connections through my conversations with them that I find delightfully relatable to my own situations, but with their own unique twists.  Tragically, their stories have been relegated to a far and distant corner away from this side of the Internet.  That is, until now.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be featuring a series of best Glöggs (guest blogs) here.  For each blog, I’ve given the writer a topic that connects some of their different areas of expertise, and then let them run wild with it.  And wild they have run!

So check out the first one tomorrow from my good friend Chris Hahn.  After that, they’ll come out every 2 weeks or so, interspersed with my own rants and rambles (and Photoshoppings).



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