A Year of Blogging

Happy one year anniversary to my blog!

About a year ago, I had just begun working with Mike from Departure Consulting on how to take a more entrepreneurial attitude towards my music career.  One of our first exercises together was listing out my strengths and combining them into different combinations to explore ways to utilize them.  One of the ideas I came up with was a blog (which tied together my skills in teaching, writing, and technology).  So in mid-May, I wrote my first post, and it’s been going ever since.  Here’s how I described my blog in that first post:

I want this blog to be about those different parts and sums that are my life.  I am a songwriter, educator, empathizer, baker, skeptic, atheist, boyfriend, Microsoft Office expert, puzzler, iconoclast, tubist, gamer, accordionist, self-doubter, stone skipper, satirist, and designer. It would be too easy to pigeonhole and squint to find the label these different components add up to.  But I’d rather relish in the incongruities.  I want to talk about how a tuba player approaches skepticism, how a game-lover perceives Microsoft Excel, and how an educator fosters and transforms self-doubt.

stone skipping

Upon the water, I noticed only one path of stone ripples. But it was then that I carried you.

I think I have covered each of those parts of my life (except perhaps stone skipping and atheism) across the past year.  I’ve really enjoyed the process of letting my thoughts take shape.  The other day I was sifting through past entries, feeling a growing sense of pride about the volume and quality of material I’ve put together here. I hope you’ve enjoyed some of that process too.

This is often the point where someone says they’re taking a break or stepping down.  Nope!  While occasional fluctuations of inspiration or mood create gaps in my blog record, I plan to keep writing and keep exploring.  I do feel like I have a lot of information and experience to share.

Here are some of the stats from my blog:

  • Since launching on May 15, 2012, I have had 3,225 views.
  • This is my 67th post.
  • My most popular post, with 269 views was Depression and the People You Love.
  • My least popular post, with 10 views is a tie between It Just Feels RightDan Nosheny is Neon and ShyTreading Virgin Water, and Expertise for Non-Experts.  Several of those are about the benefits of approaching projects without much prior knowledge of the subject.  I get it, I get it, you don’t want to hear it anymore.  But c’mon, Treading Virgin Water is an awesome title!
  • My post last week, Networking for People Who Cringe at the Word “Networking”, had a whopping 109 views.  This more than all the other views from the last month combined (including the home page).  Combined with my most popular post, it tells me you like stories about people who feel marginalized and out of the mainstream.  In that case, you are in luck, as I’m rife with those stories.
  • I have 5 drafts that I started and was disappointed with the direction they were heading.  They are titled :
    • Where’s the Next New Awesomeness
    • Swept By the Tide of Culture
    • All Hail Open-Ended Play
    • The Cubist Coin
    • Surviving the Session
  • I have 30 followers, most of whom I do not know.  I also don’t know if there’s any credibility in having followers on WordPress, but I’m going to pretend there is.

Thanks again for joining me on this fun experiment.  I feel like I’m constantly learning new things and finding new ways of expressing myself.  Next up on the docket: Atheism and Stone Skipping.


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