State of the Blog – The Ultimate Metapost

Kudzu and Sousaphone

For the three people who will find this amusing… you’re welcome.

My empire of projects grows ever more abundant, like fine kudzu on the side of the road in Tennessee.  If you’ve never been down south, kudzu kills other plants by covering them and blocking out the light.  The vast fields of the creeping vine are quite a remarkable sight, as dangerous as it is for the surrounding vegetation.

When I began this blog, I really didn’t have much of a purpose for it, other than to express and explore the multitude of ideas that were swirling in my head.  I found the connections among the various facets of my life somewhere between amusing and inspiring, and I wanted a medium to showcase what I had learned.  There are so many pieces of information that took me many hard years to grasp.  I would have liked a helping hand to guide me through the process and reassure me that the uncertainty I felt was ok.  Maybe this blog is a message to my younger self from the mentor I never had.

Wah wah waaaaaaahhh…

I also did know one thing I did not want my blog to become.  To me there’s nothing sadder than a blog with the last post six months ago, swearing that the author will keep up with it from now on.  I set myself a fairly rigorous schedule of two posts per week, and with few exceptions, I’ve kept up with it.

At this point, I’m still enjoying exploring new ways of connecting disparate concepts.  Sometimes I start out completely unsure as to the direction I’m going to go, and suddenly I have 1000 words about something completely unexpected and meaningful.  And other times I stare at the screen and find something to put off my having to write, while the kudzu steadily creeps over me.

I’m very scared of burning myself out in any of the projects I do; I’ve been there, and it’s a terrible place to be.  With that in mind, I’ll be posting once per week from here on out.  I’m choosing Monday, as it’s the day with the most “M’s” at the beginning.

In any case, to those of you who have been following along with this grand experiment, thanks so much for being a part of it.

I’ll leave you with some statistics and random information:

  • At press time, my blog has 1903 views.
  • I get an average of 12 viewers per day.  On the days I post, it’s closer to 30, and on the days right before the next post, it’s closer to 1.
  • My most popular post, with 163 views was Unkind, Unproductive, and Certainly Not Educational, which was about the worst audition of my life and how performance can conflict with education.
  • My least popular post, with 8 views was Dan Nosheny is Neon and Shy, my inaugural entry.
  • My favorite entry is probably Patton Oswalt’s Keynote Address and Why It Matters to Everyone, which is about how we all have the opportunity to build our own success.
  • The most comments on my blog is are from…me!
  • The second most comments are a tie between my mom and my friend Bryce.
  • I tend to get the most responses from my entries about education, usually from my teacher friends.
  • I tend to get the most “likes” from my entries about food, usually from people I have never met.
  • I tend to write the most about music, because well, that’s what’s on my mind.
  • My favorite part of writing the blog is figuring out what picture I’ll use for it.  Usually, it’s a ridiculous Photoshop montage I put together.  Sometimes I spend about as much time making the picture as I spend writing the blog.
  • I still don’t quite know what the number next to the Facebook symbol at the bottom of each post means.  It’s not the number of likes, not the number of shares, and not the number of comments.  Someone will inevitably point it out to me and I will feel stupid.
  • I read every spam comment.  So far only 2 have been erroneously placed there.  The rest are anything from a list of links to a hilarious nigerian-email-scheme grammar frenzy.
  • I try to respond to every comment unless I’d just be getting the last word.
  • I have barely sold any t-shirts since I had a run on them at my first show with them.

4 thoughts on “State of the Blog – The Ultimate Metapost

  1. brycemoore says:

    I’m commenting. Because I want the most comments. There can be only one. 🙂

    • neonandshy says:

      You’ll never beat me. As long as I reply to every comment, and you are not the only person who comments, you have an uphill battle. Of course, maybe you could start commenting on everyone else’s comments.

  2. MN says:

    Ok, Bryce, the contest is on. I comment because I have (maybe inflated) idea that maybe I have some motherly pearls of wisdom to impart. Dan, I can be your mentor if you need any help dealing with musicians in 80’s punk or in navigating a casino. Otherwise, I think you are wiser than I and could probably mentor me.. ILY

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