Post-show Jitters and the Sweepstakes

Saturday’s CD Release party went great!  Great turnout, great space, great food, great drinks, and a great show.  It was a wonderful culmination of the process I began about a year and a half ago.  Those of you who attended, thank you so much.  Those of you who couldn’t make it, well next time!  And in case you couldn’t make it, here’s a nice montage of what you missed, filmed by my good friend (and pro banjoist) Rich Barnes:

There were of course a few snags.  Though the lucky Jim H. won the I Don’t Want to Be Your Friend necklace, I had unfortunately forgotten to bring it with me.  So I’ll be dropping that off to him this week. Due to a family emergency, my friend E.J. was unable to attend and open the show, so I ended up doing two sets.  The first set went through the songs on the album, and the second had a bit more miscellany.  I broke into the Burrito song moments after the piñata was split open.  I sang the seminal favorites from Sesame Street, Capital I and Lower-case n.  And of course, no show is complete without hearing the Kool and the Gang allegory of losing one’s virginity performed on toy piano.

It was a tremendously fun time, despite the absolute exhaustion of it all.  The next day, I took some time to recover, but suddenly felt energized by the lack of need to prepare the album.  I’m of course going to be playing a lot to support the album I just released, but I’m so excited to move onto other things.  In fact, the first thing I did was revisit an old project I had devised a while ago.  A few of my friends do a podcast called the Third Power about the card game Magic the Gathering.  The theme for the podcast is a great little chiptune by Hyphen Jones that has a sweet groove to it.

I’ve always wanted to do an acoustic version of it, pioneering the elusive genre of Acoustic Electronica.  This is (totally made up and) where I take a song with electronica elements and perform it on acoustic instruments.  Last night I was finally able to make it happen, so I present to you now, Up On a SoapBox by Hyphen Jones, performed by Neon and Shy:

A little fresh air, a little distance, and I’ll be ready to tackle some new projects.  One more piece of old business to take care of, though…

As mentioned above, there was a winner of the I Don’t Want to Be Your Friend necklace, but there is actually a second one that can be yours to win in the Neon and Shy Pendantic Sweepstakes!

Neon and Shy Pendantic Sweepstakes


This too can be yours!

From 8/27 to 9/7 I’m running the Neon and Shy Pendantic Sweepstakes in which you can win entries into the drawing for the necklace just by sharing your new favorite album (mine). Just do any of the following pieces of promotion:

1. Share the link to my album on your facebook page.
2. Share the link to my album on your twitter feed.
3. Write a review of my album on iTunes, Amazon, or CD Baby. That’s one entry for each review. Copy and paste away.
4. Write a review of my album on a blog.When you do any of these things, send me a message to dan AT neonandshy DOT com and I’ll tally you down. On September 7th at noon, I’ll use a pseudo-random number generator, probably set up in Excel, and draw the winner of the necklace and ship it out to you.Here’s the link to the album:

Here’s the link to the sites to promote it on:
CD Baby:

Twitter: @neonandshy

Good luck to you all!


2 thoughts on “Post-show Jitters and the Sweepstakes

  1. brycemoore says:

    Okay. That’s just plain awesome. Now I’m thinking of all the great ocremixes you could be doing, and how I want to listen to them all right now.

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