Dan Nosheny is Neon and Shy

Neon and Shy, in addition to being a delightful play on words, are two words I use to describe myself.

Neon: Shiny.  Loud.  Communicative.  Bright.

Shy: Reserved. Introspective. Solitary. Thoughtful.

Somewhat paradoxical, but who doesn’t like a good paradox.

I’m a lifelong dedicated introvert who loves to perform. I like being with people and love that I live alone. I love my partner, and I have no interest in cohabitation or getting married. I’m an atheist with the utmost respect for people of faith. I write songs that combine honesty with farce.

I love finding the connections among disparate notions and people.  I have found joy in building a life from all the fragmented pieces that fascinate me, and finding a way to make them into a cohesive whole. Or at least cohesive sub-fragments.

I want this blog to be about those different parts and sums that are my life.  I am a songwriter, educator, empathizer, baker, skeptic, atheist, boyfriend, Microsoft Office expert, puzzler, iconoclast, tubist, gamer, accordionist, self-doubter, stone skipper, satirist, and designer. It would be too easy to pigeonhole and squint to find the label these different components add up to.  But I’d rather relish in the incongruities.  I want to talk about how a tuba player approaches skepticism, how a game-lover perceives Microsoft Excel, and how an educator fosters and transforms self-doubt.

In essence, I want to show that Neon and Shy is not quite the paradox it seems to be.


2 thoughts on “Dan Nosheny is Neon and Shy

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